Some highlights from the features shoot I did at Schnepf Farm’s first Messy Fest. Kids and parents were encouraged to have fun and get messy!


3 thoughts on “Features

  1. 8 days away from the 1 year marking of this post and today I googled Tanique Cooper and the image of her and Isaiah popped up in google images… Isaiah is my nephew, his father is my brother, and this morning Tanique passed away. Seeing this picture breaks my heart because I know how much my nephew loved his mom. But this is such a sweet picture and great memory. He looks so happy. Thank you for capturing it. I will print this for Isaiah and give it to him for his keepsake. Thank you again. Rest In Peace Tanique.

    • Deliana, thanks so much for sharing that with me. I am so sorry for your loss and Tanique’s family is in my thoughts. So glad I was able to capture such a sweet moment between them.

      • Thank you. I printed this picture and gifted it to Isaiah on the day of her service. He had never seen it before and he was thankful for it. So thank you again.

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