VIDEO: Healthy trail snacks

When hiking in Arizona, it’s important to stay healthy. There are two ways to do this, especially when it’s super hot outside.

First, drink a lot of water. Experts recommend drinking one liter of water per hour while hiking in the Arizona sun.

Second, keep your blood sugar up by eating a snack with sugar and protein. The video above offers one option: trail mix. By following my recipe, you can have a protein-packed snack that will last a whole hike.


  • Ingredients
    • cheerios
    • mixed nuts (peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc.)
    • beef jerky
    • m&m’s
    • peanut butter chips
  • Directions
    • Measure out the amount of each ingredient you want. Try for more protein (nuts, jerky) and less sweet (m&m’s).
    • Cut beef jerky into bite-sized pieces so it won’t take too long to chew.
    • Pour all ingredients into a large bowl.
    • Mix well.
    • Divide into plastic bags or containers.
    • Enjoy!

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