May 29-31: To Brussels and back

Sorry this post is a little late, this week has been crazy, fun and busy! So rewind to my adventurous weekend in Belgium!

On Friday, my friend Lisa and I departed London on a coach to Brussels. Although our bus was very comfortable, the 6-hour ride was rough. (And when I describe the following situation, I want to first say that I loved this weekend and every memorable moment of it.)

Studying abroad in London is amazing, but it’s also very easy because I speak the language. So when we traveled to Belgium—they speak Dutch—we had major culture shock. When we arrived at the station, we tried for hours to find our hotel. Hours, because the street signs are illegible and no one could direct us in English. Also it was insanely windy and it started to rain. At that point, we gave up and took a cab.

After this whole ordeal we had an amazing weekend. The next day we spent touring Brussels. We went to the top of the Atomium and saw Manneken Piss, of course. We also ate a ton of food to get the full experience.

Food Highlights:

  • Frites: Belgium is famous for these amazing things that somewhat resemble fries, except these are way better!
  • Chocolate: classic Belgium coming in clutch when we went to their chocolate factory. Yum!
  • Waffles: wow nothing, literally nothing can beat the waffles we had in Belgium. They have this magical substance called speculoos which is basically cookies made into a waffle topping!

Luckily the weekend was amazing, so our journey back to London didn’t lessen our joy. Plus, our international friend Stephen made the 8-hour ordeal manageable. First off, the first leg of our journey (on bus) was fine. Then, instead of going underneath the English Channel like the first time, we were forced to take the ferry which extended our trip by 2 hours. Also, our ferry was delayed because of traffic on the water? So after we crossed the water, we continued on bus. But right before we got into the city, the bus broke down. Luckily, Lisa, Stephen and I didn’t have any luggage. So we ditched the bus and walked to the nearest train station. There Stephen helped us get back to the city where we then got on the tube to finally get back to our flats.

Between the adventurous travel journey and the intense culture shock, my weekend in Belgium was definitely one to remember. It was quite the story. Enjoy the photos!

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