June 1-4: The London Life, pt 2

This is one of the most amazing cities I’ve ever visited. In my classes this week we’ve been analyzing  different aspects of what makes London, London. Week two of my trip has been even more busy. Here’s a little timeline to let you get a glimpse of all that I’ve been up to. June 1st

  • CAT (city as text) assignment: visited Liverpool Station to study the original site of Bedlam Hospital, visited the Imperial War Museum to study architecture of the second site of Bedlam.
  • Imperial War Museum: walk through and study the WWI exhibit
  • Museum of Natural History: walk through and study Darwin-and-Huxley-related exhibits
  • Science Museum: walk through and study the original DNA model and the telescopes and one of the largest telescope mirrors
  • The Globe: watch King John as a groundling

June 2nd

  • Culture class
  • Globe theater workshop: we met and took a workshop from the actors we watched the night before in King John
  • Victorian class
  • Shopping day

June 3rd

  • CAT assignment: travel to and visit the Spitalfield Christ Church to study the architecture and area of the building
  • Buckingham Palace: watch the changing of the guards
  • Big Ben: take cute touristy pictures
  • The London Eye: take even more cute touristy pictures
  • Homework in the park
  • Group dinner

June 4th

  • Culture class
  • Victorian class
  • Shopping at Harrods (we also had afternoon coffee and dessert there! So fancy!)
  • High Street Kensington window shopping
  • Catching up on the blog

Can you understand now why I’m so exhausted? I loved every moment of this week, but I can honestly say that I am perfectly content to spend tonight catching up on my blog and other to-do’s. The rest of this week will be busy, so I don’t feel bad spending one night in. We leave London on Sunday, but it’s been an amazing stay here. Can’t wait for Oxford!

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