May 24-25: Tynin’s Travel Tales

My flat in London!

At about 2 p.m. on May 24th, my epic journey began. I said my final goodbye to mom and began the process of international travel. From the first security checkpoint to the moment I touched down in London, I  was completely alone—which was awesome but also really boring. And as I am not a huge fan of flying, the flight was not my favorite experience. For about 2 hours while we flew over the Rocky Mountains we had continuous, dropping, bumpy, too-unstable-to-pee turbulence. So yeah . . . that happened.

But all the crazy plane stories aside, I’m now in London. As part of our programming, we get to stay in the Kensington area of London. And upon arrival I was lucky enough to be given keys to a whole flat all to myself. In some cases, being the odd girl out has its perks (no roommate!).

After unpacking and doing a little grocery shopping, I’ve been exploring the streets of London with new friends while we fend off our jetlag. Now, I’m just waiting a few more hours so I can go to bed and shower before starting all the sightseeing bright and early in the morning.

Funny Moments of the day(s)

  • Dinner, or I think they call it supper, was really awkward because no one told us we had to go pay up at the register. So we essentially sat there for 40 minutes longer than we needed to. LOL
  • If you haven’t heard someone butcher “Tynin Fries” while also having an accent, you really should. It’s quite funny sounding and I was voted “hardest name.”
  • Also, you have to bag your own groceries here but no one will ever tell you that. They just glare at you until you get the picture.

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