Fatal flaws

If you’ve ever read or studied mythology, you would know that every hero supposedly has a fatal flaw. Meaning the thing that will bring them to their doom.

I’m not a hero or anything, but I think I’ve found mine. I am overly, uncontrollably motherly.

Ever since I was a small child I have always been the mother figure. When we played “house” as children on the playground, I was always the mother. When my soccer team needed a leader to help girls through their periods, boy problems and drama; there I was.

But now, I can’t turn it off. My boyfriend broke his wrist/arm this morning and is scheduled to have surgery on Monday. Not only that, but he is also at college . . .  two states away!

I know it’s normal to worry and all, but I might be a little more extreme than most. This pattern has been going on for some time, so I am convinced that this is my fatal flaw. One day I might just come to my doom because I am overly protective and worried about everyone around me.


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