A day without a phone

Right before we departed for a 19 hours drive, my phone broke. Now, I wouldn’t consider myself one of those teenage girls that can’t live without checking my phone every second of the day, but when my single source of communication is dropped, I struggled.

With my not-paid-for-it-and-it’s-technically-a-class job at The Feather, not having a phone really sucked. I missed a day of school and the only mean I had for communication were Facebook, which is blocked at school, and email, which no students use anyway. 

So here I am, trying to do my job at the same pace as normal, but I was lacking my most important tool. As a journalist, I’m so nosy that I want to know what’s happening around the world on Twitter, in my family’s lives on Facebook and during my friend’s days on Instagram. But, I could not!!! 

Now that I at least have a working phone back, I am extremely thankful for the communication I regained. I’m not constantly telling people to email me or Facebook chat me, instead I can simply reach into my pocket and text them. 

The struggle is over. I have a phone again. 


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