A culture in love

You know that feeling when you’re in love? Yeah. That feeling you get that makes you warm and fuzzy inside. And the one  that gives you chills sometimes. The same one that makes you want to never go to sleep. You know, the feeling where all you want to do is smile all day every day? YES! That one!

I felt like that for two weeks straight.

When I arrived at the Dominican Republic, I instantly fell in love with the people. They are gorgeous! No one looks alike; they have a mixture of dark and light skin, and most have green or hazel eyes. Just being around them made me feel in love.

On top of that, the people themselves are full of love. Literally, I think they are so full of love that they have to outpour it to everyone else to make room. There, no one judges you, but they accept you for who you are. They don’t even mind that you don’t speak Spanish, instead they use body language and expressions to communicate their message.

Then there the kids. These kids melted my heart. How can I even describe them? They are those kinds of kids you would baby sit for free even though they are exhausting.

I can’t wait until I get the opportunity to return to the DR. The way they live life is so much more appealing to the American ways.

This link: DoRe 2013, will lead you to a slideshow of my photos from my trip. Sorry, I was too lazy to upload them on here.


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