Why leadership?

One of the main reasons that I need leadership is because I have a constant need to be in charge. Though this causes some problems in the relational aspects of my life, Student Leadership is a positive outlet for my Type A personality.


If I’m being honest, after 5 years in this class, I feel that leadership-related activities are part of my contribution towards the school. In a way, I take ownership for them and take pride and joy in a successful NOTS or Homecoming event. As sad as that might be, at this time in my life I need smaller, insignificant things to focus on.

Because of my on going health problems, it’s hard for me to convince myself that enduring the daily pain is worth it. But, witnessing the joy of my peers as a result of the hard work that I am able to do, gives me some of the motivation to do what I do.

In a way, I want to be in Student Leadership mostly for selfish reasons. If I wasn’t in this class, I would find another medium to serve in, of course, because I believe that service is one of my spiritual strengths. Student Leadership has been one of the biggest outlets for me to grow and experience my leadership and service abilities, while also utilizing them for the student body.

I want to be in Leadership simply because I get just as much out of it as I put into it, which I think is quite a lot. I’m not in this class to avoid a normal Bible program, because I think this teaches me more about God and living a Christian life than any other class in this school.


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