Why books?

Lately I’ve been motivated to read, and read, and read. Most of my peers have a hard time grasping the idea that reading can be enjoyable, for me at least. So why do I read?


In the academic world, I would love to say that I read to increase my vocabulary, comprehension and world views. That reading helps me become a better writer myself, along with become a better analyzer.

BUT, and there it is: but. 

But that is not the reason that I pick up a book even when I have plans or deadlines. I read simply to escape the world. When I open those pages and begin to comprehend the story which unfolds between my fingers, I escape the world. I escape the world of high school drama. I escape the world of endless amounts of homework and frustrations. I escape the world of disagreements and imperfections. I escape the world completely.

For the moments that I am lost between pages, I cannot think of my world. The characters come to life in my mind and their world becomes mine, even for just one moment.

Isn’t that why some people play video games? Isn’t that so similar to following a favorite TV series? Isn’t it the same as listening to someone else’s stories?

I believe so. So, I read because, to me, it is the most enjoyable escape there is.


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