Can I throw this bar of soap?

This last week has been hard for me to just sit by and watch. When I see teenagers who are completely, totally, absolutely disrespectful to adults, it makes me want to throw a bar of soap at them.

browse-1When trying to listen to a sermon, class or even one of my peers stories, all I hear is talking. Why did you attend if you don’t want to hear? Why are you determined to stop other from learning? If you don’t care, don’t ask someone to tell a story.

Respect. Something learned at the age of 5. Who remembers the infamous, “Don’t speak to me in that tone of voice,” that we all heard in our younger years? So why, if we learned this the same time welearned to read, do we get to act like we’ve never heard of the concept before.

Since when does being a teenager make us so high and mighty? Why do our role models have to put up with the obnoxious, immature actions of the “young adults.” We’re not kids anymore. Some of us already are adults! Stop with the disrespect. I can’t take it anymore.

Please. Someone throw a bar of soap at me if I ever act like that.


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