Just when will my life begin?

If you’ve seen Tangled, you know that the story begins with an anxious Rapunzel wondering when her life will really start. To her, it begins the moment her feet actually touch grass for the first time.


That’s what high school is always about, at least that’s what it seems. We spend four years waiting and watching as all our friends who are only a few years older than us get married, start their careers and travel.

But when do we actually get to do that? It seems like it will never come. I’m spending my days doing little tasks, hoping they will help me in the future. Though some people say it’s a waste, I think everything will pay off.

Each scenario teaches me something new, but only making me want to start me life now. But who says my life can’t start now?

Last week I was in New York, the week before I went to Disneyland. What 17 year old gets to do stuff like that? I think my life has already begun, but I’m simply greedy for all the stuff I can’t have.

I can’t let age stop me from valuing my life right now. I’m only 17, but I’m only 17! When I’m older I’m sure I will complain about when I had an exciting life, so I need to make the most of my youth. If only to make my future self jealous of the amazing teenage years I am living right now.


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