A little conversation goes a long way

When struggling with a normal everyone-gets-a-soar-throat sickness on top of my normal “brain” issues, a bad day can’t usually be turned around as quickly as it was today. When the normal head stuff is worse than usually and my throat feels as if it’s on fire, my mood is not so positive.

A random notification on Facebook from someone I haven’t talked to in probably a year was only the start to a renewed mindset. When someone turns a random conversation into genuinely caring about what’s going on in my life, I am most definitely encouraged. Why do our brains consistently tell us no one cares? How come when the hardest things in life come, we think we’re all alone?

I wish our humanness didn’t have to convince our brains that when we struggle ,we have to struggle alone.

Sometimes when we try to forget about what’s going on in our physical world, we can also start blocking out what’s going on in our spiritual world. But when that one random person asks you how you’re doing and you know they mean in both worlds, you come back to reality. The reality that you are sick and that sometimes you need to lean, not only on God, but also on people who can physically support you.

A random conversation made my day, made my week and probably made the last 10 months of my life. Who knew that a little random act of kindness could make such a difference on someone who was trying not to think about the very thing they should be.

After today, I hope that someday I can make as much a difference on someone’s life as that person did for me today.  When people tend to pretend that everything is OK, they need that one person they can be real with. And today, it was easier to “be real” with someone that isn’t close with me but cares like they are.




One thought on “A little conversation goes a long way

  1. Great article Tynin. Its funny that i saw this bacause i was just thinking about the little things in life that make a huge difference. Anyways keep up the great work.

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