If life were like high school

High school: the worst or best years of someones life, but four years that everyone must experience non the less. For some, high school is merely a phase of life that they have to get through to move on to bigger and better things, but for others their life IS high school.

The former know that life is much bigger than gossip and image and social status. While the latter are usually the popular kids, or the mean girls or the jerk everyone is in love with who will only ever look backwards at high school as “the good old days.”

High school isn’t everything, but it is something.

Is there an in-between? Hopefully.

In my point of view, high school is all about learning. It’s a time where we have freedom but at the same time we have our parents to fall back on when we mess up. I can make a mistake, but I needed to realize the truth about something, and have my parents available down the hallway. At the same time, those mistakes won’t hurt your entire career or ruin your marriage.

We get to make memories, whether they be bad or good, and remember those as the life lessons that were essential for living in the real world. I can be backstabbed many times in high school before I fully grasp who are true friends and who are fake friends. But, that lesson, which wasn’t too traumatic, prevents me from having to deal with that in the work place or among my every day life.

I know that high school isn’t important in the sense that what I eat for lunch on the half day won’t affect me 20 years from now, but it IS¬†important because the things that I’m learning now WILL help me avoid the same mistakes when what’s at cost is much more important.


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