“What’s up with you….really”

What I’ve noticed lately is that, though our “friends” at school ask us daily what’s going on in our lives, we really don’t know anything about each other. We can say “I’m good” however many times we want, but it won’t mean anything until we start telling the truth.

Recently, I’ve decided to ask people “How are you” when I actually want to know. I’ve stopped saying it just to be nice, and now I’m learning things about the people that I genuinely care about. I won’t ask about someone’s day in passing because I know full well that I don’t have time to actually let them answer.

I want to be someone that cares about what people have to say instead of being the super polite, but shallow, girl who talks to everyone all the time. I’m done with shallow relationships. All that has given me in life is what I call “fake friends,” who aren’t loyal, who aren’t caring and who don’t truly love me.

I’m ready to love people like I want to be loved. I want to be purposeful with my words and with how I interact with people. I want to be intentional with how I love on people.

This year, I am trying to become as honest and open as I can. I also want to be an encouraging person who is willing to actually listen to someone, no matter who they are. I want to make people’s days or weeks better by giving them their favorite candy bar, or letting them know that I care.


3 thoughts on ““What’s up with you….really”

  1. Great post!!! It’s always good to genuinely care about people. I’ve been working on only saying that I’ll pray for someone if I’m going to actually pray for them. Same concept as only asking “how are you” if you actually care to know and have time to listen.
    Again, great post!

  2. Nice blog post! haha even though I don’t go to the same school, you should give me my favorite candy bar….

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