First day of school

Ever since I was five years old and looking forward to my first day of kindergarten, I loved school. I knew the outfit I would sport at least two weeks before. I packed my backpack, repacked and packed it again. And though shopping for clothes was fun, I enjoyed picking out school supplies more.

This was the first article that held “Tynin Fries, Editor-in-Chief.”
But this year I discovered something I looked forward to more than school. I didn’t spend time thinking about clothes or school supplies, but instead I focused on my position as Editor-in-Chief for The Feather Online.

Planning, sending emails, thinking about the staff members and planning thoughts for my first article as “head honcho.” All of this seemed like much more responsibility, and even the most important thing I could do all year.

This year, I didn’t worry about making a good impression on the teachers or new kids. This year, I worried about making a good impression on my staff. Some of them I already knew, but many I am responsible for teaching and helping them become successful.

I’m only hoping that I have made a good impression and that I become their friend but also hold onto the respect I need in order to run a newspaper.


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