Danny the safari guide

While vacationing in Santa Rosa with my family, we stayed at Safari West. This vacation is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Sleeping in legit african tent-cabins, waking up to monkeys screeching and flamingos squawking right outside your windows is something I will never forget.

The flamingos squawk each morning to wake up their guests.

To top it off, we took multiple tours where we rode in a jeep across 440 acres of land with roaming animals all over. Also, a behind the scenes tour allowed us to feed a porcupine, warthogs and giraffes.

One of our tour guides was named Danny. He was so educated and knowledgable that I could have asked him questions all day long.

He is the head of the evolution and bone research on the reserve. He has worked on the property for four years but just started leading tours in January.

I left feeling like I knew much more than I did going in. And even though my camera was almost eaten by an ostrich I came out with some amazing photos as well.

I would suggest everyone to tour Safari West on any family vacation because it truly is a one of a kind experience.


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