Adventures in Calvin Crest: Sherwood magic

On my second visit to Calvin Crest, I spent a majority of my time in Sherwood Forest. This separate camp within Calvin Crest allows for an escape for kids from fourth to sixth grade. I attended Sherwood all three years as a kid, but looking at it being a teenager left me with a much different impression.

When visiting Sherwood you must wear the proper attire by sporting the bright green tunics and pointed hats. If your lucky you might even spot the heroic Robin Hood escorting Maid Marian to a meal or town square meeting.

This is the first sign of the magic!

The Forest is a magical place where kids live and breathe dirt while believing with all their hearts that Robin Hood must protect the Forest from the Sheriff.

This place of make believe has magic, not the same magic of Disneyland where all of the ideas can be almost proven by the life size characters walking around, but the magic of pure imagination. The magic that keeps kids young and adorable.

Sherwood Forest is a place where even as a teenager, if some kid asks about Robin Hood I have to play along. And almost for a second I start to believe in the words that I’m saying. That is a beautiful thing that I hope video games and computers will never change for the young generations to follow.


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