Adventures in Calvin Crest: Popcorn parade

Though this year I cannot spend multiple weeks up at Calvin Crest, I choose to visit as often as possible to help the staff. Today, being my first day back for the summer, I spend saying hellos, welcomes, and nice-to-meet-yous.

I pop 30 bags of popcorn while volunteering up at Calvin Crest to help the staff feed the hungry campers during the movie, where they watched Star Wars as if in a drive-in movie.

After catching up with returning staffers and family friends, I was placed in the kitchen to help prepare for the theme night.

With the theme of the 70s, a drive-in movie ended the campers’ night. My job was to fulfill the need for popcorn at this event.

Well, one microwave and a cardboard box full of popcorn kept me busy. Sam, one of the staffers, and I popped and filled bags and bags of popcorn. Coming out to about 30 bags total.

Though I smelled strongly of butter, the campers were very appreciative. Hence, the number one reason I love Calvin Crest: it allows me a place to serve where service is needed.

This year’s theme is Love, and this small act of effort showed the campers that we cared and loved them enough to pop 30 bags of popcorn for them.

Also, in my opinion, the popcorn was what made Star Wars more enjoyable for all 100 family campers.


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