Day 12: Heading home

Today held the final hours of my SJI ’12 experience. Due to the schedule, there was no lull in the plans to give us time to think about missing everyone. But now, as I sit in the LAX airport, I have time to think.

I’m getting much better at this whole flying thing, I don’t freak out so much anymore.

I can think back to the first day, being picked up from the airport by our Director Anita and another student Eddie. Eddie was the first SJI friend I made and I’m so glad I did.

Then there came the other students, like my roommate Justine who was always up for whatever I wanted to do. She helped me survive by listening to my complaints about each day.

Then there were all the digital kids who I worked along side to produce the Pitchfork Press. With over 80 pieces of content on the site, stress was like second nature by the end of our stay. Now, I have time to appreciate all the work everyone put in. Though not many people outside of our ASU connections might read the Pitchfork Press, we know that what we accomplished was an amazing feat.

Then I think to the Broadcast kids who never failed to entertain me. Whether at meals or classes or activities, as a group, they are basically the biggest ball of energy anyone could ask for. And yet, they know how to get work done when it comes down to it.

Already, only six hours later, I feel distant from the rest of the students. But I know that whenever we come into contact again, we will still share our passion of journalism. And that will always bring us back together as a family.


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