Day 11: Saying goodbye

In stress and deadlines, we became friends. Our common goals and memories in experience brought us together for the two weeks we resided in Taylor Place. Between classes, lectures, projects, interviews and tours we found time to get to know each other on a personal basis.

Now, at the end of our time together we must say goodbye. But how? How do we create a friendship and then leave it behind, possibly never to see each other again?

Eddie and Max are two of the people in the SJI program that make me laugh the most.

This situation has been reoccurring in my life. From graduating seniors to fellow SJI students, I am forced to say goodbye over and over again. So, I’ve developed a way of thinking that helps me in knowing I might not ever see or talk to these people again.

It’s all about influence. Remembering how each of these people have influenced you keeps them “alive” (well, at least in my head.) If someone listened to my problems when I was stressed, that’s what I choose to remember about them. Or if someone made me laugh (shout out to Eddie and Max) I remember those jokes.

In the same way, I have to consider how I influence all the people I come into contact with. Will these people remember me as a leader, or a jerk, or a friend?

Hopefully, my peers will remember who I really am and not the person I turn into when I’m stressed or under a deadline. Let’s hope that after we all return home, our memories of each other last. And the things we learned and taught each other remain with us as long as we need our skills.


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