Day 10: Radio recap

To complete our radio night project, News Team Five met in the Cronkite building around 7 p.m. As a group we practiced our script and the tone of our voices. We even danced to signal when we needed to add animation to our voice.

Along with four others, News Team Five’s radio broadcast went live on The Blaze 13-30 AM.
Though we were reading the script and we were completely prepared, my nerves still surfaced under the stress. An hour before we went live all I desired was to read my parts over and over to gain my confidence. Allowing myself three run-throughs, I felt confident that I knew my material.

This was a moment when I knew that my counselors had taught me well, and I trusted that they had taught me everything I needed to know in order to succeed.

As it turns out, the entire project was very easy. With a simple practice with Brian in the radio room, we were ready to go live on The Blaze. The short time we were in the studio was nothing but fun. We were working with the best equipment, sporting headphones while speaking into a microphone.

We even spent time afterwards DJ-ing with Eddie, as we could all hear each other. This first small experience with radio showed me that radio is a career that I could possibly see myself doing. Though I find great pleasure in long, deep and thorough writing, radio adds an audible element to story telling.

I am so grateful for the SJI program because it has given me a taste of all the fields of journalism. I’ve been taught and studying online, print, broadcast, radio, magazine and photo journalism. I doubt that any other program offers as much as this one does. I’m positive that the skills I’ve been taught here and the people I have met will help me through the rest of my career.


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