Day 10: Meeting deadlines

By staying up until midnight last night, I was able to meet all my deadlines early today. One thing I’ve learned in my experience in journalism is that personal sacrifices are necessary in order to get things accomplished. Last night I sacrificed my sleep in order to finish my Mercury story.

After staying up late to meet deadlines on stories and projects, I need a little help to make it through the day.

This small hour of work helped me today as I had to make and complete a slideshow of the Mercury photos, as well as complete my text story. Now, I have about an hour of extra time where I can blog and edit photos.

This is one of the most important lessons I hope to teach my staff next year. As a journalist, I have to be accurate and timely. So, if that means getting less sleep in order to produce news quickly and efficiently, I will.

Today, I splurged before our morning news meeting by stopping by Starbucks for some caffeine and sugar. Though, I’m already dragging my feet from exhaustion, it’s OK because my stories are in and done.

For all my fellow SJI students, don’t give up from exhaustion! Everything will be over by Thursday night and our work will turn out to be worth all the stress and worry. Finish strong with Digital Swag!

I think this lesson is one that has influenced my work ethic from the very beginning. Hopefully, in all the years I have left this lesson will show through to my employers and coworkers. So far, all my hard work has payed off and continues to every day.


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