Day 9: Real Hours

Today was an endless day of activity or, as our counselors said “we had real work hours.” From the morning meeting to late hours working in the lab, we had a jam-packed schedule.

The beginning of our day consisted of touring and watching the Mercury women’s basketball team practice. Afterwards, we were given opportunities to interview players, coaches and the practice team. For not being a fanatic of sports, I was still fascinated by the skill and speed of the athletes.

As one of the many events in a busy day, students from the ASU SJI program tour the US Airways Arena and interviewed Mercury players and coaches.

Our interviews were not simply for our pleasure, but they were to be turned into stories that were due the following day. This was stress level number 1.

With a short break for lunch, we had to attend a few classes before our next project began. Two former ASU students along with Brain Snyder came to teach us about radio. Little did we know that this short lesson was all we had before writing and producing our own radion. That was stress level number 2.

After successfully finishing our script for the broadcast the next day, we headed back to the dorms for check-in and sleep. Though plans changed drastically.

Two minutes before check-in at 10 p.m., our counselors told us to report back to the labs to revise our scripts. Apparently, since we had written our script without help or supervision, we had to reword the entire thing.

For News Team 5, this entailed staying at the lab until 11:30 p.m. That was stress level number 3.

After finishing my Mercury story, I finally climbed into bed around 12:30 a.m. A bed had never felt so comforting as I laid my head down and instantly


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