Day 8: Learning the ropes

Between breaking news stimulation and touring The Arizona Republic, today was one of the best days so far. Beginning with a class on headlines, we left to tour 12 News and the The Arizona Republic. There, I learned about the effort it takes to be an intern at the Republic. Before today, I didn’t realize just how big recommendations impact the rest of your career. It only takes one bad review to set your career back a step.

As a highlight to an eventful day, the SJI students visit The Arizona Republic and 12 News where they learned about internships and breaking news.

Most importantly, I learned that hard work can get you some of the best and coolest internships around. Also, the contacts that you make can help you land a job in the future, even years from now.

After that, our day only progressed into a wider learning experience. Our next class included a breaking news stimulation in which we were given minimal details on a situation that we had to interview sources and find out the true story. From an old man who talked endlessly of his military background to a sobbing witness who viewed the dead body, we had to question and uncover the facts behind the story.

At the end of it all, my group (Eddie, Max and Caleb) discovered that not only one person, but two had died in the explosion which was not a bomb. Though we did not get the complete story, we came close. This was one of my favorite exercises that I have ever participated in. One major lesson I lured from this particular class was that almost everyone speculates on interviews, so you must acquire the skill to discern which is truth and which is opinion.

After that, we had yet another amazing class. There, we were taught all about the importance of social media. My own personal enlightenment took place this afternoon when I learned of the new and developing technology which includes moving pictures as in Harry Potter.

To end my day, I spend time in the video lab working on blogs, stories and videos with some fellow digital students. Even though these few hours also involved taking Photobooth pictures and stalking each other on Facebook, it was memories that I will next forget.


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