Day 7: Reunited once again

After a weekend apart, catching up on sleep and spending time with friends, the rest of the SJI students retured to us weekend-stayers. At first, I didn’t realize I missed these familiar faces, but I soon realized that SJI is only SJI when we are all together.

As students arrived at various times throughout the afternoon, a game of spoons develops in the common room where the group uses hangers in substitution.

Though I love the Stay Weekend At TaylorPlace (SWAT) team, all the diverse people and personalities truly make up the core of our SJI relationships. Today, everyone exchanged stories with everyone, causing me to rethink just how much I might miss these kids when I leave.

As the final week begins, I’m heading into it knowing that this might be the last time I see all these teens together in one place. So, I might as well take advantage of it.

Now, I want to look at these kids, especially the Digital group, as my coworkers and friends. Their is a possibility that in the future, should we attend Cronkite, we might be out in the field together working side-by-side.

To think that my career is so close to being a reality blows my mind. I still feel like that first grader who wants to be a princess when I grow up, except this time my dreams can come true.


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