Day 6: Candy galore

As one of eight students staying on the ASU downtown campus for the weekend, I have much more freedom for my schedule and activities. Today, us “weekend-stayers” decided to take a group trip to the Tempe campus (which is the largest ASU campus) for a shopping trip.

There, we visited stores that I knew, and a lot of stores I had never heard of. After purchasing a few clothing items, we made the trek back towards the beginning of the outdoor mall.

During this trip we passed by a candy store that amazed us all. Specifically, I appreciated the array of gummy products. From mini gummies to gummy octopus to even gummy coke bottles!

This is one of my favorite candy textures. Gummy anything and gummy everything . . . I’m hooked. So, that was a short and fun weekend adventure that I wanted to share.


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