Day 4: Videos with Amber

During our morning classes, our video equipment became our best friend. My video partner, Amber, and I worked on a short videos of each other. These small films focused on who we were as journalists.

Later today, we will be taught skills in Final Cut where we will edit and publish our products. So far, this post contains the video I produced of Amber. Hopefully, I will also add the one curtesy of Amber.

Here’s a couple tips you might find just as useful as I did.

  • Film everything good the first time
  • Take more than one shot, from more than one angle
  • Take a test shot to test your audio levels and lighting
  • Shut up when you are filming
  • Have the interviewee look at you, not the camera
  • Leave head room and nose room
  • Leave post-action and pre-action room
By using some of these tips, I was able to produce the video below. For my first time using Final Cut Pro, I’d say it’s a good try.

One thought on “Day 4: Videos with Amber

  1. Sounds like your having a great time Tynin and definitely learning a lot! Miss you friend and can’t wait to keep reading your blog! I love reading what you’ve been up to(:

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