Day 3: Learning photography and grammer in Downtown

During these past two weeks guest speakers visit to teach our various classes. Today, the focus was on photography and Associated Press (AP) Stylebook. After pairing up to checkout cameras and tripods, we began our day of classes.

While walking around the downtown campus of Arizona State University (ASU), I took various test shots of the typical surroundings, June 6.

Starting with “What Makes a Good Photo” with Roy Dabner, we began to learn the basics of photography. This session was very fun and enjoyable. I felt greatly encouraged due to the fact that I knew most of the tips that Roy shared.

After that short 1-hour class, we were taken outside where Roy took us around an entire block to help us practice with our new handycams. Despite the heart, this was a fun way to practice shooting with our new gear.

Later, Nancie Dodge came in to teach us the fundamentals of Photoshop. This class went into much more detail than I expected as we only were allotted an hour and a half for the class. Lastly, Ginger Eiden came in to instruct us in the art of grammer. This is when we received our complimentary copies of the AP Stylebook (2011 edition).

Overall, this day was one of my favorites. The topics of study interested me while in addition, we ended the night with a Diamondbacks baseball game at Chase Field.


2 thoughts on “Day 3: Learning photography and grammer in Downtown

  1. Sounds like there is an abundance of knowledge you are soaking up. Enjoy yourself. What an amazing opportunity for you.

  2. I like reading about everything you are learning and that you are having fun. I love and miss you Ty. Can’t wait to hear all the details of your trip.

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