Day 2: Culture in Arizona

As a part of our program, the Digital Media students travelled to Entravision to tour radio stations. Entravision is one of the Arizona State University’s (ASU) sponsors. There, we spent two hours learning about the job environment and information on each job description.

While visiting the radio station Entravision, students take notes to record information on advertising sales and job descriptions, June 5. Employees answer questions for the students before heading on the tour.

One of my favorite aspects of this trip, also pointed out by a fellow Digital student (Lindsey Bressler), was observing the different cultures included at Entravision. Entravision produces three Spanish-speaking radio stations which, typically, would mean every staff member speaks Spanish and English.

But, we soon learned that was not the case. Some of the employees were bilingual, with the ability to translate both languages accurately. Others spoke mostly Spanish, but have enough knowledge of the English language to maintain a conversation. On the other hand, a few of the staff lacked the bilingual abilities, even after working for the company for multiple years.

This diversity of culture can be easily seen in the culture on and around the campus. Only a short walking distance away, authentic cuisine restaurants are available for multiple cultures including Mexican and Indian.

This diversity is even viewed in our own group of students. Two of the students speak in fluent Spanish and English, while most of the students have some degree of knowledge in another language or culture whether it be French, Latin or Spanish.


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